About Us


Sue Sylvester is a small hand painting business that is situated in the heart of a busy student community.

We are a team of entrepreneurial women that come from all walks of life to pool our creativity and produce items that reflect the sunny nature of Kwa-Zulu Natal.


When faced with the need to supplement the family income twenty years ago, Sue felt she had two choices :
1. Apply for a job, or 2. create her own. She opted for the latter because it was just before the first democratic elections when a lot of her contemporaries were leaving the country.

As a family, they had decided to remain in South Africa. If Sue was going to be a part of this new birth of her homeland then she wanted to put something back into what she felt was a country where she had had a privileged childhood.

Whatever this new venture was, it needed to include:
- Her love of colour and design
- Creativity
- Labour intensity (She wanted to create something that someone had put a lot of time and love into).
- Easy manipulation of raw products and easy to transport (Sue did not want to use raw materials that were too heavy, could break or had a short shelf life).

And so she ventured forth into the hand painting of fabrics and more specifically table art as she loved the thought of people gathering around a table and enjoying all the camaraderie of a meal together.

It has been quite a journey and there have been many moments when Sue wanted to just stop, but so many more that are filled with gratitude for all the inspiration and fun and colour that are part of her everyday life, and in particular for the amazing spectrum of people that have been integral to it all.

Sue Sylvester Fabrics work on a paint to order basis – once orders are received they start the cutting and painting process. Sue brings in new designs or - products several times a year, or on customer request.

Sue Sylvester – Passionate about and inspired by meal gatherings, sea, mountains, nature, travels, colours and people.

In the Office:
Ros Perrins & Dee Govindsamy - Sue's Right and Left hands

In the studio:
Maude Cili, Ntombi Mbhele, Thembi Mhlongo & Esperance Mosozi - Who bring our Artwork to life.

Thabi Mbhele - Who runs her own CMT on site,

Nah Ncobo - Who packages our products beautifully.